Vascular Sealants

Product Pipeline


    Seal-V™ is intended to achieve hemostasis by mechanically sealing areas of potential leakage in surgical reconstruction of large blood vessels such as the carotid, femoral, brachial and iliac arteries.
    Seal-V™ vascular sealant is a protein-free, strong, safe, bio-compatible, and bio-resorbable vascular sealant designed for peripheral vascular reconstruction surgery procedures.
    Seal-V™ is based on a combination of an Alginate Pre-Gel and a Curing Mesh.
    Seal-V™ is ready for use – no thawing, warming, and pre-mixing prior to use are required.

    Seal-V™ ’is applied in two steps, enabling surgeon’s control during the application procedure.

    Seal-V™’s adherence capabilities are based on the on-site interaction of its two separate components:

    • The Pre-Gel is a viscous alginate solution, dyed blue for easy visualization. The viscous texture of Alginate Pre-Gel in the Seal-V™ product allows easy application and prevents the product from spreading on the surrounding tissue.
    • The Mesh component contains a curing agent which serves two purposes: it induces curing of the Pre-Gel upon contact and, in addition, serves as a reinforcing element. This adds to the mechanical strength of the cured adhesive.

    • Efficacy integration
      • Rapid and effective hemostasis – 95% hemostasis after only 1 minute following application was achieved in a clinical study in human patients
      • Intrinsic ability to stick to wet surfaces – no need for drying
      • Mechanical sealing – no need to activate blood coagulation
      • Capable to adhere both natural vessel tissues and synthetic grafts
    • Safety
      • Protein-free – no risks related to immune responses
      • No swelling – no potential damage to surrounding tissues
      • Resorbs in the body tissues within 3 months
      • Reversible procedure – pre-gel leakage can be easily wiped from non-targeted tissue, prior to applying the Curing Mesh
    • Ease of Use
      • Ready-to-use and easily applied
      • Highly viscous for accurate application
      • Clear visualization (blue colored)
      • Controlled application process (spreading separated from curing)

  • Seal-V Vascular Sealant is not approved for market use, at any of countries.