• AMS Israel develops innovative products based on a proprietary platform of alga-mimetic tissue adhesives, for a variety of applications and clinical needs in surgical adhesion, leakage control, adhesion-prevention and drug delivery. The Sealantis adhesive technology mimics the underwater adherence mechanism of algae, providing it with a superior ability to stick to tissues and grafts even in a wet environment. The adhesives are bioresorbable (degrade in the body) and do not contain proteins (thus eliminate potential immunogenic and allergic risks).
    AMS Israel’s product pipeline is focused on the following products, demonstrated to be safe, biocompatible, and easy to use, and cost-effective:

    • Gastrointestinal (GI) sealants (including Seal-G Surgical Sealant; Seal-G MIST System), designed for securing gastro-intestinal anastomoses to decrease lethal complications resulting from post-surgical leaks.
    • Vascular sealant (Seal-V), designed for the rapid control of bleeding during various vascular procedures.

    Sealantis technology was developed in 2007 by Prof. Havazelet Bianco-Peled, a world renowned expert in biopolymers, and is backed by a seasoned team of managers, scientists and top-notch medical professionals. 
    AMS Israel leverages its proprietary innovations and its team’s distinct expertise to offer new approaches to surgical sealing, surgical adhesion and site-specific drug delivery.