Product Pipeline

  • Post-surgical adhesions are a common complication in many types of surgeries and injuries, particularly in orthopedics. The formation of fibrous tissue (scars, adhesions) following surgery or trauma to musculoskeletal tissues, such as joints, bones, tendons and muscles, severely restricts functional recovery and is a major problem in the field of orthopedics, from a clinical as well as an economical perspective.

    Rehabilitation (e.g., physical therapy), in combination with anti-inflammatory and pain relief medications (NSAIDs, steroids), fixation and other conservative treatments, remains the current standard of care for the treatment of injured joints, and is usually a long and expensive process. In severe cases, when the conservative treatment is ineffective, surgical intervention is required.

    Sealantis develops OAB, a bioresorbable extra-articular gel that functions as an adhesion barrier for preventing post-surgical adhesions, speeding tissue healing and improving range of motion after joint injury.