• The Dynamics of Seal-V™
    Seal-V™ is a protein-free, strong, safe, bio-compatible, biodegradable vascular sealant for use in a broad range of vascular surgical procedures. Its excellent adherence to native and synthetic vessels, positions Seal-V™ as an optimal solution to control bleeding in vascular surgeries.
  • Sealantis Adhesive Platform Technology
    Sealantis Alga-Mimetic Adhesive Technology mimics the underwater adherence mechanism of algae, providing the adhesive with a superior ability to bond to any internal organ, tissue or synthetic graft – even in a wet environment.

    • No proteins
    • No immune reaction
    • No preparation
    • No swelling
    • No toxicity
    • Resorbable
    • Biocompatible
    • Visible
    • Controllable
    • Reversible