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  • About Advanced Medical Solutions Israel (Sealantis) Ltd. (AMS Israel)

    AMS Israel develops innovative products based on a proprietary platform of alga-mimetic tissue adhesives, for a variety of applications and clinical needs in surgical adhesion, leakage control, adhesion-prevention and drug delivery.
  • AMS Israel Adhesive Platform Technology

    The Sealantis alga-mimetic adhesives present a true breakthrough in the realm of biosurgicals, providing a sophisticated tissue adhesive technology with superior efficacy, safety and ease of use. Mimicking the underwater adherence mechanism of algae, the Sealantis adhesive technology platform opens a gateway to a variety of potential applications in surgery, injuries, and drug delivery.

    The platform comprises a protein-free adhesive based on Alginate, a natural polymer produced by algae.  

  • News

    • The company name of Sealantis Ltd was changed to Advanced Medical Solutions Israel (Sealantis) Ltd
    • Sealantis acquired by AMS group
    • Sealantis Receives CE Marking for Seal-G® Surgical Sealant for GI Procedures.